VoIP — What are its advantages to business owners?

voip technologies

Because Voice over Internet Protocol technology uses existing Internet connections to transmit voice communications, there are a great many benefits to businesses that utilize its cutting-edge automation, including lower costs, better control, multi-functional and integrated applications, virtually no geographical limitations, and sheer convenience.

Lower costs

Minimizing costs in every area of your business—it is the white whale that many of us are constantly pursuing, and long distance telephone service seems to top the list. Yes, long distance costs are lower than ever, thanks to the ubiquitous use of the cell phone. However, it makes infinitely more sense to use an existing system over creating, or even adding a whole new network of dedicated wires, to the traditional PSTN (public switched telephone network). The way voice over packets work is that they route telephone calls and faxes over an already existing data network rather than through the PSTN. With Voice over Internet Protocol provided by reviewvoip.com, calls are either free to you, or they cost you next to nothing!

Greater user control

Most providers of VoIP equip their customers with a user control interface which allows them to changes certain services and options. This means that, as a business owner, you can change such features as speed dial and call forwarding. You can also opt in and out of anonymous call block and music-on-hold options as you choose, particularly as your business needs change.


Multi-functional options

With VoIP, your capabilities go beyond merely making phone calls. You also can conduct video conferences, affording you the opportunity to conduct business nationally and internationally in a more personal and face-to-face manner. This feature not only saves you money on video conferencing, but also on travel costs and time spent traveling, giving you more time to put together that all-important pitch. It also allows you to keep in continuous contact as needed with employees in order to conduct meetings. You never have to worry again about being unable to attend a meeting in person or those high costs of video conferencing.

Better integration

VoIP protocols can integrate with other applications such as web browser, social networking, instant messenger, email, and a host of other applications. This affords your business more streamlined project management and teamwork efforts.

Geographically limitless usage

Voice over Internet Protocol has nearly no geographical limits. Because it uses the existing Internet connections of its users, wherever there is Internet, there can be VoIP. Think of the costs you can save if you use VoIP to call clients and potential clients around the world rather than using the traditional phone system; not only are the geographical possibilities of VoIP endless, but the savings as well!

Sheer convenience

Besides the convenience of all of the features mentioned above, VoIP offers the unqualified advantage of not having to switch your phone number when you switch over to Voice over Internet Protocol automation. VoIP offers phone number mobility, meaning the phone device you use can use the same number virtually anywhere so long as it has the proper IP connectivity. This is a great benefit for business owners who bring along their phones and other devices when traveling and prefer to use the same numbers wherever they go.